Judith's Open Road


Library Acquisitions Chief
US/Anglo Division, Library of Congress

“I had a grandmother who stood by me and said ‘You should go ahead and do it anyways regardless of what your mother says, it's your life.”




Confidence Doubt Opportunity Pressure Values Choices Passion Experience


Judith Mansfield, librarian, library, library and information science, LIbrary of Congress, library science, There Is No Road Map, travel


Judith Mansfield had no second thoughts about staying longer in Europe when she traveled there in 1967 for an abroad program between her junior and senior year in college. But when she returned to the U.S. to finish her senior year, she panicked not knowing what she was going to do next. Judith enjoyed libraries growing up and decided to attend library school after graduation. But Judith says her mother told her graduate school would be a waste of money and she should instead marry and have babies. Judith's grandmother was her only supporter, telling her to do it anyways and she would help fund her studies. Having someone believe in her helped Judith get to where she is now.

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