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Duration: 6:37

Themes Discussed:

Beliefs & Faith Confidence Dedication Desire Determination Doubt Experience Failure Family Fear Focus Goals Hard Work Inspiration Instincts Negativity Perseverance Planning Self-Reflection Struggle Support & Encouragement

Tags: active, anchor, anger, art, auditions, ballet, being human, being prepared, busy doing it, caring, center, challenges, church, contemplation, creating, criticism, dance, dancing, death, demoted, destiny, discipline, engaging, expectations, exposure, fake it, fate, fitting in, getting along, grandparents, hoover dam, humanity, imagination, in the moment, intimidation, it finds you, journey, keeping busy, late bloomer, late in the game, legacy, life, listen to your heart, listen to yourself, loss, making mistakes, marking, mentors, Met, motivation, music, National Endowment of the Arts, New York City, not about you, Obama, one track mind, parents, perpetual motion, precipice, predestined, pretend, prodigy, progress, protege, pushing forward, reflection of yourself, rehearsal, religion, responsibility, science, scientists, seeking, spirit, spiritual, spontaneous, stuck, submerge, submerged, survival, taking chances, tenacious, the right path, theater, thinking, time, time crunch, too old, travel, white house, work

Judith Jamison

Choreographer/Artistic Director
Alvin Ailey Dance Theater
New York, NY

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