Josh's Open Road


    Operation Roadtrip


    Menard, TX


Vice President of Operations
Texas Trophy Hunters Association

“A bad decision is a whole lot better than indecision. If you make a bad decision, you can make a couple other decisions. But you’re not going to find self-worth sitting on your couch.”


Environment & Nature Armed Services


Passion Values Self-Reflection Desire Struggle Transitions Fulfillment Goals Money & Financial Security Planning Experience Focus Hard Work


Teaching / Mentoring


college, desire, drive, enjoy what you're doing, happiness, injury, internship, job, military, money, nature, searching, self worth, struggle, teaching, transition, travel, war, writing


  • In college he focused on writing, and loved travel writing specifically; in 2001, he was a recent graduate working in the fields of marketing and writing.
  • The events of September 11 left an impression on him, and he decided to sign up for the Army.
  • After being wounded several times, he was medically retired from the military in 2009.
  • While he was still in the military, he had petitioned to work as an intern writer/editor at the Texas Trophy Hunters Association.
  • Says that being willing to shed his ego and work for free got his foot in the door and started him down the path to where he is today; it also made his transition much more manageable.
  • As VP of Operations, he’s now involved in all aspects of the Texas Trophy Hunters Association, from producing their TV show on the Outdoor Channel, to designing their merchandise.
  • The job combines his passion for writing and storytelling with his love for the outdoors.
  • Believes that the best way to find self-purpose is by getting active; says that inactivity and indecision will eat away at your ambition.

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