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    United States 2008


    Boston, MA


    Public Television: Season 5

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Sports Writer
Woburn Daily Times

“They [kids] want it yesterday rather than being able to wait for it. But that's just a part of any profession, getting the experience and working up to that point.”


Journalism Sports Writing


Education Experience Exploration Opportunity Passion Perseverance Struggle


booking bands, Boston Bruins, Boston Red Socks, break, coffee shop, college, creative energy, guiding force, instant gratification, interest, interest gratification, means to an end, music, odd jobs, patience, paying your dues, taking a break, waiting


When he was younger, Joe Haggerty did not think his current position, his dream job of being a sports journalist, was at all possible. Today, Joe writes for the Woburn Daily Times, covering the Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins, and is a commentator for ESPN sports radio. But this job did not come easily. After one semester of college, financial hardships forced him to take time away from school. Working at a supermarket for the next two years, Joe recognized that he had pushed his creative energy away. So, at the age of 21, he went back to school and began writing for a local daily newspaper covering sports. One of his most valuable life lessons came when he left writing about sports for one-and-a-half years for another position with a bookstore. During this time, he realized that he missed writing and sports more than anything and knew he wanted to do that for the rest of his life.

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