Jordin's Open Road


Chief Scientist/Senior Inventor/Laser Motive
Intellectual Ventures

“If you can learn to pull people together you'll see your visions realized much quicker and easier than trying to do it yourself.”


Science Technology


Struggle Fear Transitions Support & Encouragement


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It seemed Jordin always knew he wanted to be a scientist, even since his nursery school days. Jordin completed a doctorate in physics at University of California at Berkeley and then worked at Livermore Labs, a prestigious scientific laboratory. During his years at Livermore, Jordin made it his goal to develop laser technology to launch rockets. But when the funding ran out his only option was to try another venture, so he designed satellites for 10 years. But Jordin needed a change of path. "There did come a point where I said no, I have to try something different," Jordin says. He and a friend started a company, LaserMotive, to further research power beaming to launch rockets. After three years, they presented their research in a NASA contest and were awarded $900,000 for the Power Beaming Challenge.

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