Jonathan's Open Road


Sub Pop Records

“At the end of the day you're going to live and die, succeed and fail by your wits. And I think the important thing is to have the courage of your convictions and to have a sense of humor.”


Entrepreneurship Music


Failure Family Fear Goals Money & Financial Security Passion Risk Struggle Success Individualism


accountant, business, coordination, courage, evaluation, finance, happiness, indie underground, living at home, moving home, necessity, Nirvana, odd jobs, performing, records, rock n roll, security, sense of humor, wits


When Jonathan was seventeen, he moved out to pursue his 'primal' instincts. Jonathan recalls, "some crazy hippie taught me how to play guitar," and with that, he went out to become a pop star. However, Jonathan was not a musical success and he had to hold down a number of jobs to support himself. Realizing soon that being a pop star wasn't his path in life, Jonathan switched his focus to the business side of music and opened Sub Pop Records. Jonathan never imagined his record label would be as profitable as it is. In part, the reason why Jonathan's record company even exists is because he looks at "risk" in a positive light.

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