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Duration: 6:40

Themes Discussed:

Beliefs & Faith Character Confidence Conflict Desire Doubt Experience Exploration Failure Family Focus Goals Hard Work Honesty Negativity Opportunity Passion Perseverance Pressure Pride Self-Reflection Struggle Support & Encouragement

Tags: achievements, athletics, autobiographies, back up plan, broadcast journalism, challenge, challenging yourself, characteristics, club owner, comedy, competitive, concepts, confidence, contentment, creativity, criticism, development, discipline, do something, doing what you love, energy, enjoy what you do, evolve, experience, failure, fall into place, fear, Fear Factor, feedback, fighting, fights, figure it out, flight, funny, give up, goals, graphic novels, hard work, hardship, human potential, improv, improvement, Instinct, instincts, interest, internet, jobs, journey, learn who you are, limit, lottery, make a living, martial arts, memory, mistakes, MMA, money, Musashi, next step, obnoxious, open mic, parents, pimp, positive energy, pursuing goals, pursuits, questioning, questioning yourself, read, results, robbed, rub off, satisfaction, scary, self analysis, settling, stand up comedy, starting out, state champion, strengths, success, support, Taekwondo, thinking, tired, U.S Open, UFC, uncertainty, unrealistic, video blog, weakness, work, write

Joe Rogan


Los Angeles, CA

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