Jim's Open Road


Music Critic
Chicago Sun-Times

“Success is relative.”


Journalism Music Writing


Determination Talent Perseverance


drums, enjoyment, high school, journalism, playing music, rejection, reporter, rock n roll, rolling stone magazine


Music critic Jim DeRogatis began his career writing about city council meetings and other local events. But what he really loved was music. He played in a rock band, owned tons of CDs, and wrote about music. He took a journalism class and chose to interview Lester Bangs who was an American journalist and rock critic. From that moment, he knew he wanted to write about rock and roll. He didn't care if he got paid or published; he just wanted to write about it. He eventually worked his way to Rolling Stone magazine, but after a year, Jim left his high-paying salary there in search of something more fulfilling. He is now the music critic for the Chicago Sun-Times.

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