Jill's Open Road


    Opportunity Youth


    Los Angeles, CA


Founding Director and Yoga Teacher
UpRising Yoga

“There was no authenticity, there was nothing I was connected to...until yoga helped me heal.”


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Choices Family Self-Reflection Transitions Struggle Doubt Negativity Perseverance Failure Regrets Fulfillment Passion Opportunity Experience


Helping People


abuse, advice, anger, communication, divorce, dreams, drinking, drugs, healing, juvenile delinquent, let things go, love, mental illness, rage, recovery, rejection, respect, values, violence, yoga


  • Her parents divorced when she was young, and her mother remarried a man who was extremely abusive.
  • Her mother had some yet-undiagnosed mental issues, and wasn't always equipped to take care of her daughter.
  • She started smoking marijuana in the sixth grade; by seventh grade, she was regularly going to parties and drinking until she blacked out.
  • Says her life was spiraling downwards-she called herself a "dead girl walking"-until she finally found yoga.
  • She had "deadened" her feelings with alcohol and drugs, but yoga helped her heal, and helped her clear her mind.
  • Her husband worked at a juvenile detention center in L.A. and saw a lot of trauma; one day, she asked if she could start teaching a yoga class there.
  • Coincidentally, her mother later pointed out that she'd picked up Jill from that same detention center as a child; she knew she'd found a calling.
  • Working with those children sparked a fire in Jill; she decided to start UpRising Yoga so that she could take on new yoga teachers and help more kids.

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