Jerry's Open Road


Arizona Diamondbacks and Phoenix Suns

“You can't do anything about yesterday, you certainly can't do anything about tomorrow, but you can control what you're doing today.”


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"As an athlete, my whole life was geared toward winning a basketball championship or becoming a major league pitcher. And I paid a price for being as competitive as I was." The price Jerry paid was a blown-out arm at the age of seventeen. However, while some would wallow in self-pity, Jerry was quick to bounce back up with hard-edged determination. Not one to despair, Jerry was driven to obtain a profession in sports. With hard work and a few risky decisions, Jerry accomplished his goal, and by the age of twenty-eight, Jerry earned his way to the general manager of the Phoenix Suns; the youngest general manager in the history of sports. Jerry's success and strong character have much to do with his challenging background, and he is quick to recognize and give credit to this.

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