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Cheyenne Rodeo

“Be ready for opportunity when it knocks because when it's all said and doneā€¦all we'll have is our memories and I don't want to sit around and say I could've been this or I could've been that.”


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Being Physically Active


  • Grew up in Fountain Hill, Arkansas, population: 150.
  • There was nothing to do except play sports, like basketball and baseball.
  • His uncle was on the amateur rodeo tour, so he had to pitch in and help out with the events.
  • When he was 14, he started riding and roping bulls.
  • Says through perseverance, he went from a kid with a hobby to a professional athlete.
  • Doesn't think his job is dangerous: "my mother would tell you different, but anything you're used to, good at, comfortable with-you don't see it as dangerous."
  • Hates seeing people getting discouraged from doing something they like just because it's not "popular."
  • Says people don't like to see others find success, but you can't let those naysayers get you down.

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