Jeremy's Open Road


Cheyenne Rodeo

“Be ready for opportunity when it knocks because when it's all said and done…all we'll have is our memories and I don't want to sit around and say I could've been this or I could've been that.”


Action Sports


Dedication Hard Work Hobbies & Pastimes Opportunity Perseverance Self-Reflection Talent Individualism Negativity


animals, danger, discouragement, rodeo, success


Jeremy Sparks is a professional bullfighter that wears a white Stetson hat and speaks with a confident southern drawl. He was reared in Fountain Hills, Ark.—population 150—and it's easy to imagine him sitting under a vast, star bespattered night sky by a campfire, blowing into a harmonica. He doesn't necessarily look like a professional athlete, but he exudes a quiet self-confidence. Jeremy transformed a childhood pastime into an unconventional career he loves. Despite potential injury on a daily basis and his mother's misgivings, Jeremy persevered and continues to do what he loves most to this day.

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