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Pediatrician/TV Star [TLC's The Little Couple]

“If it's not meant to be, you'll find out for yourself. But don't let anyone persuade you.”


Medicine Television


Perseverance Struggle Fulfillment Experience Community Instincts Doubt Pressure Transitions Chance Planning Support & Encouragement Fear


biology, children, doctor, dwarfism, hospital, lab research, little person, medical school, neonatologist, pediatrician, rejection, residency


Growing up a little person, at only 3-feet 2 inches tall, Jennifer Arnold has had to face many challenges. Since she was born, she's had more than 30 orthopedic surgeries, so Jennifer spent a lot of time being a patient and being around doctors. But in her 20s, Jennifer wasn't quite sure whether or not she wanted to become a doctor. There were many physical challenges she would have to face if she decided to go down that path, and Jennifer was unsure if she could handle it with her physical limitations. Nonetheless, she applied to medical school, writing up front and center in her applications that she was a little person, but she that she knew she could do this. To her surprise, Jennifer was accepted into the school of her dreams—Johns Hopkins University. Throughout medical school, and her life, Jennifer showed perseverance in her ability to do what she set out to accomplish. Since then, Jennifer has been a neonatologist at Texas Children's Hospital and has her own reality TV show on TLC called "The Little Couple."

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