Jehmu's Open Road


Executive Director
Rock The Vote

“When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer would be that I wanted to make a difference.”


Music Politics


Character Passion Values Opportunity


country music, helping people, impact, protesting, protests, public service, senator, social movements, the system, volunteer, voting


A combined love of music and politics collided when Jehmu Greene registered to vote at a country-western concert with Rock the Vote. After working as a volunteer, she quickly moved up to become the president of Rock the Vote, her dedication to the connection music has with getting a political message to people ever present in her life. Her political resume which includes working with the United States Information Agency to teach politicians and activists how to involve younger people in elections to working on presidential campaigns is incredibly impressive, but it's her passion for the political world and her belief that change is possible that makes her an inspiration.

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