Jeff's Open Road


Olympic Champion/Wheelchair Racing Athlete

“Things are worth fighting for in lifeā€¦and it's always overcoming a barrier of some kind. And whatever form that barrier takes, we all have a decision to make.”




Character Conflict Determination Failure Hard Work Inspiration Passion Struggle Talent Courage


athletics, college, competing, growth, learning, losing, making mistakes, olympics, overcoming barriers, paralympics, psychology, racing, sports, taking for granted, wheelchair racing, winning


Once Jeff Adams discovered how much fun wheelchair racing was, and that he was good at it, he passionately committed himself to the sport. His rigorous training and strong determination helped him become a world-class athlete and Olympic champion. Jeff's resolve extends far beyond the sports arena, however. Whether the challenge involves climbing a flight of stairs to attend a psychology class or competing against the finest athletes in the world, he's prepared to overcome barriers. Despite his success, he remains a proponent of learning from ones mistakes. An important lesson he's learned is to trust his intuition, for it has served him well.

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