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“Know what you need to be happy, and get rid of the rest.”


Design Engineering


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Upholding a Cause and Belief


  • Went to grad school, did his Master's degree in fine arts painting.
  • Worked as a grocery store clerk for 10 years after school-calls this his "intermission," when he gathered his thoughts.
  • Did the "fine arts" thing for a while, but felt like he was "wasting his potential."
  • Says the "gnawing" feeling of wasted potential is a great feeling to have and to follow.
  • Started steering his art towards architectural work; got tired of sculpture so he started designing, building houses.
  • Believes society puts too much emphasis on "talent"-architecture didn't "come naturally," but he got good at it through hard work and passion.
  • Found that there was a lot of interest in his "tiny houses," people liked the idea of living simply.
  • Says once you put aside the pressure of a mortgage, etc., you can focus on the things you truly love to do.

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