Jan's Open Road


Social Activist
Black Women for Wellness

“Be in this moment as opposed to being concerned about what job you're going to get in a year.”


Non-Profit Organizations Politics


Culture Individualism Exploration Fear Experience Conflict Passion Societal Pressures


american dream, black panthers, buying time, Chicago, civil rights, comfort, happiness, health, history, it finds you, not knowing, school, social justice, the American dream, women


Jan Robinson-Flint, an activist who takes a special interest in the health care issues, black women's issues, and social justice, let life lead her to her career. Growing up, Jan was submerged in the historical Civil Rights Movement. Today, Jan is the Executive Director for Black Women for Wellness, which is a non-profit organization that offers programs to educate and support black women. Jan firmly believes in following your own path. She has a job that gives her great satisfaction. "Why am I happy? I think it's because I'm living my life. I'm not living somebody else's life or somebody else's definition of who Jan Robinson Flint is."

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