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Duration: 5:57

Themes Discussed:

Beliefs & Faith Chance Choices Community Confidence Conflict Courage Culture Dedication Desire Determination Doubt Education Exploration Family Fear Focus Fulfillment Goals Hard Work Hobbies & Pastimes Individualism Inspiration Instincts Money & Financial Security Negativity Opportunity Passion Perseverance Planning Regrets Risk Self-Reflection Simplicity Societal Pressures Success Support & Encouragement Talent Transitions Values

Tags: access, addictive technology, advice, after school, age of distraction, agency, alone, America, apartment, art, artists, book, books, bubble, busy, calling, candy, career, change, chart, civic center, classroom, collaboration, college, Colorado river, colors, common, communication, company, confidence, constant chatter, control, corporate, country, creative, cultural norm, culture, decay, democracy, design, designing, desire, digital design, disasters, discipline, do it, doing what you love, dream, drugs, educating, education, email, english, entrepreneurship, environment, escapism, exciting, external values, family, father, film, flyers, focused, freedom, freelance, fulfillment, full time job, fun, gallery, gas station, gay rights movement, George W. Bush, get it done, good wars, grades, graduate school, grant, graphic design, graphic designer, guns, happiness, happy, help, high school, history, hobby, home, homogenous, impact, impacting people, impulse, inspiration, integration, interior design, internet, iphone, job, jobs, jpeg, law school, lawyer, leap, lessons, liquor store, loss, loss of innocense, magic, mail, masters degree, maturity, mayor, mentality, mentor, Missouri, mixed tapes, mom, moments, money, motivation, mountain, moving, nervous breakdown, New Orleans, New York, next step, nine to five, nonprofit, numbers, options, oriental rugs, outcome, ownership, parking garage, passion, peer pressure, perspective, philosophy, photoshop, pizza, pizza delivery, play, political, politician, politics, posters, present, projects, proving yourself, publishing, racism, random, real estate, reasoning, record company, regrets, sacrifice, safe, salvation, school, schools, security, self image, self management, September 11, shifts, simple, social issues, social norm, society, South Dakota, specialization, stole, studio, summer program, sustainable, teach, teaching, technology, tests, time, trade off, trade school, transitioned, travel, twin towers, twitter, understanding, vacation, values, vocation, W W Norton and Company, web design, work, World War II, write, writer, Wyoming

James Reeves

Designer, Writer, Teacher & Motorist
Civic Centre New Orleans
New Orleans, LA

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