Irvin's Open Road


Jazz Trumpeter/Founder
New Orleans Jazz Orchestra

“That's why your passion is so important because that's one thing that no on else can do that you can do because you love it more than anyone else.”




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From the time Irvin Mayfield was fourteen, he was determined to master the trumpet. Once Irvin realized that playing the trumpet was his passion, things were clear for him. Despite his father's strong objection to his career choice, Irvin believes that pursuing his passion was more important than what his parents thought of him. Luckily, his mother supported his decision, and Irvin was determined enough to pursue the trumpet, despite his father's protests. "One thing my mother always tells me is ‘blessed is he who gets paid for what he would do for free.' I think about that every day. I mean, I play the trumpet for a living; life is good."

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