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    Los Angeles, CA


    Public Television: Season 11


Stand-Up Comic

“Who you are is not up for public debate. Your identity is not up for debate. If you are sharing your story with somebody, it's inarguable-it's your story.”


Acting & Theatre Entrepreneurship


Confidence Dedication Individualism Community Support & Encouragement Honesty Values Pride Courage Fear Choices Perseverance Money & Financial Security Transitions Exploration Fulfillment Passion Beliefs & Faith Failure Risk


Communicating / Sharing Stories


awkward, born a girl, bravery, college, comedy, comic, identity, jokes, Maine, Margaret Cho, recovery, self-love, sexuality, sober, transformation, transgender, unique, web design, writing coach, your story


  • Was born a female in rural, "so-white" Maine, but always felt different.
  • After college, said he had to go do a "walkabout" to see what was out there; met others who had transitioned, learned he was just like everyone else.
  • Opened a web design business in Portland; started taking comedy writing lessons, then got hooked on stand-up.
  • Loved comedy so much that he'd drive two hours each way to get five unpaid minutes on stage.
  • Came out to his parents at 19; at 30, he wrote them a letter explaining that he was trans; after that, says there was nothing to be afraid of.
  • Always very open and honest about his sexuality on stage; says he knew people would talk about him anyways so he preferred to put it all out there.
  • Says that in whatever he does, whether he was selling websites or telling jokes, being himself was always what sold people.
  • Believes that when taking risks, "if you just jump, the wind will catch you."

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