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    Los Angeles, CA


Comedian / Television Host

“No two people are alike and no two people think alike—that’s the beauty of humanity.”


Acting & Theatre Television


Chance Courage Fear Risk Acceptance Choices Failure Struggle Individualism Societal Pressures Support & Encouragement Perseverance Success


Being Creative


accepting yourself, ADHD, anxiety, chance, choice, comedy, depression, Entertainment, fear, impulse, opportunity, perseverance, risk, risks, say yes, sharing stories, spontaneous, stand up comedy, success, vulnerable


  • Says that when he was young, he was “a mess”; he had issues concentrating in school and issues with social anxiety.
  • He was later diagnosed with ADHD, as well as mysophobia, a crippling fear of contamination and germs.
  • One day, one of his friends urged him to get up during an open mic comedy show; says his ADHD made him impulsive enough to say “okay.”
  • Once he got up onstage, he realized that it was actually the one of the few places where he felt comfortable.
  • After performing as a stand-up comic for some time, he broke into the acting world, appearing in dramas and soap operas.
  • He eventually appeared on The Howard Stern Show, where he accidentally announced that he had learning and attention issues.
  • After facing such a stigma all his life, he feared he’d made a huge mistake by revealing his “weakness.”
  • Instead, people started coming up to him on the street and saying “me too,” and thanking him for speaking out about his issues.

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