Homaro's Open Road


Moto Restaurant

“As long as you're passionate and you can find your creative niche, there's nothing that you can't achieve.”


Food Science


Dedication Determination Focus Hard Work Negativity Perseverance Simplicity Struggle Chance Passion


commitment, cooking, creativity, culinary school, guidance, inventing, Iron Chef, learning, living out of a car, new york times, nothing comes easy, solving problems, start small, time, unemployment, what if, work for free


Imagine walking into a restaurant and getting a paper menu you can eat. That's just one example of chef and futurist food guru Homaro Cantu's philosophy—breaking norms and going beyond. Homaro grew up in a poor family and was actually homeless for three years between the ages of 6 and 9 years old. After high school he lived out of his car for three months and worked at a fast food restaurant. One line cook there told him he was a good cook and should go to culinary school. So Homaro decided to go for it and after graduating from culinary school, he made his way to New York where he worked in different restaurants before founding his own, Moto, in Chicago, Ill. His unique style of cooking focuses on molecular gastronomy, which fuses food and technology. His company, Cantu Designs, creates futuristic food delivery systems. Homaro has also competed on the popular TV show Iron Chef and finds his kitchen to be the ultimate laboratory.

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