Heather's Open Road


    Poor, Lazy Overachievers


    Norfolk, VA


    Public Television: Season 7

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Roller Derby Girl/Dental Assistant

“If you really want it, you're gonna do it. You have to want it that bad and know that it just takes time.”


Action Sports


Fear Fulfillment Goals Perseverance


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Heather Hiles proves it's never too late to take a risk—even if that risk involves putting on roller skates, creating an intimidating nickname, and hitting girls in order to win a competition. Heather, also known as "Frankendoll" to her team members, first heard of roller derby, a contact sport that involves skating around a rink and lapping members of an opposing team, on TV when she was a young girl. "The thought of roller skating and hitting people really excited me," Heather says. When she was 30 years old, Heather joined Dominion Derby Girls, Virginia's first all female flat track roller derby league. But even Heather, who was eager to compete, was afraid when she first started as she had little experience in the rink. Roller derby is an aggressive contact sport that allows athletes to push, shove, and hit members of the opposing team causing them to fall, and sometimes, trip over other members. But after Heather had her first big wipeout, and learned that she was still okay, she was fine. She now helps new girls on her team learn to overcome their fears of the sport.

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