Harrell's Open Road

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    Here, There and Everywhere


    Portland, OR

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Social Artist

“When you're doing what you think is the right thing to do, you're going to be a happier, more satisfied person.”




Choices Fulfillment Inspiration Instincts Opportunity Self-Reflection


Learning / Challenging Myself Communicating / Sharing Stories


art, art school, community, contribution, drawing, film, giving, movies, painting, Portland State University, professor, small projects, teacher


Harrell Fletcher grew up in a small agricultural town in California where he was encouraged at a young age to pursue his love of art. At the age of 10, Harrell was already doing photography. So, he continued to further his talents by going to an art college in Northern California. After finishing school, he started working with grade school kids where his experience there led him to examine why he was making art. He realized that, like most other artists, he was creating art to share with other people. And then once he shared his art, he was done with it and moved onto the next thing. That's when it hit him. He decided he wanted to have a direct relationship with his art. He began his first project during graduate school in Oakland, Calif, where he and a friend created exhibitions about the local neighborhood. Since then, Harrell has built a wide array of socially engaging projects that have been featured in museums such as San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Berkeley Art Museum, The Royal College of Art in London, and the Whitney Museum.

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