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LiNK (Liberty In North Korea)

“I think it's up to us as individuals to really determine how far are we going to be willing to push ourselves, and what are we willing to risk. ”


Government Non-Profit Organizations


Hard Work Pride Fulfillment Experience Regrets Values Choices Planning Pressure Dedication


communications, corporate, do good, generation, immigrant, issues, Korea, nonprofit, opportunity, passion, political science, president, privilege, responsibility, risk, second, struggle, support, travel, volunteer


After college, Hannah Song got a job working in advertising, but around that same time she also started volunteering at an up-and-coming organization called Liberty in North Korea (LiNK), a nonprofit that helps North Korean refugees. She soon realized that what she was doing at her current job wasn't leaving her feeling fulfilled at the end of the day. So, Hannah decided to take a risk with everything that she had—job, friends, family and a stable income—to work for LiNK and make virtually no salary. Hannah felt like she had the leeway at that point in her life to "jump ship" and take a big risk—because if it didn't work out she was young enough to bounce back. But soon enough everything came together for Hannah, and she eventually worked her way up to president of the organization. To date, she's still amazed that she was given this incredible opportunity that excites her every day despite her lack of background experience in nonprofits or politics. "I'm here for a reason, and that's what life's journey is all about."

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