Grant's Open Road


Cowboy/Horse Trainer
Diamond Cross Ranch

“If you have a dream, there's always a price.”




Acceptance Family Fear Fulfillment Goals Hard Work Opportunity Passion Perseverance Pressure Pride Risk Regrets Success Support & Encouragement Struggle Talent Values Money & Financial Security


abuse, adventure, anger, animals, dream, envy, federal reserve, frustration, helping others, horse whispering, horses, insecurity, journey, open minded, peace, people, poetry, polo, purpose, railroad


At the age of 19, Grant Golliher left his home in Colorado on the back of a mule to seek adventure across the country. He wanted to make a living doing what he loved – working with horses, and he knew he'd do it by any means necessary. After living in a horse stall, he went on to be a professional pony polo player before finally turning to horse whispering – a restraint free style of equestrian training. Grant currently runs Diamond Cross Ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with his wife, and travels the world to discuss using the extraordinary art of Horse Whispering to illustrate the keys to healthy, trusting relationships.

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