Gary's Open Road


Sound Director
Skywalker Sound

“You do have to be led by your passion. If it's something that really intrigues you…then it means you'll probably put the energy into being good at it down the road.”




Confidence Desire Family Opportunity Passion Planning Support & Encouragement Chance Education Talent


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Since he was twelve, Gary Rydstrom knew he wanted to work in film, but he was uncertain what he would specialize in. At USC film school, he found his passion with sound. Although the film industry is competitive and difficult to break into, Gary has had encouragement from his friends and family. After graduation, however, Gary had his own doubts. With a bachelors degree in film under his belt, and now persuing a masters, Gary got a stroke of luck. "It was just one of those out of the blue things. I was sitting in school and [the teacher] said, ‘do you want to interview for a job up at Lucasfilm?" Gary took the interview, got the job, and moved to San Francisco to work at Skywalker Ranch. This all took place in three days. Gary has done work on dozens of films including Terminator 2, Backdraft, X-Men, and Finding Nemo. Winner of seven academy awards, Gary is happy to have found his niche.

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