Gary's Open Road


Documentary Filmmaker

“There's a momentum in actually starting a project and doing it. Just do it. The moment you say, 'I'm doing it,' it opens up so many possibilities.”


Design Film


Education Experience Exploration Confidence Self-Reflection Passion Opportunity Choices Desire Focus Hard Work Dedication Goals Success Planning Struggle Chance


Being Creative


  • When he was in college, he put on a concert for fun and it ended up being a lucrative 400-person event.
  • Says the punk rock mentality has carried over from his band days-punk was a group of people coming together for one common interest.
  • He's a self-proclaimed "design geek."
  • Looked around for a film on his interests-graphic design, fonts-and found nothing.
  • Realized that there must be other people out there looking for the same thing; decided to make the film himself.
  • Stresses the importance of making the switch from "I'm thinking about doing this," to "I'm doing this."
  • Says everything around us is "design" and everything has people, stories, and history behind it.
  • Everything comes together little by little-if you constantly take small, incremental steps to improve your life, they'll add up.

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