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    Chicago, IL


    Public Television: Season 8

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Pastry Chef/Food Network Host

“Get as many opportunities as you can…That will help that ‘thing' find you. It's looking for you, but you have to be out there.”


Food Television


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It was Gale Gand's natural go-getter personality that has led her to be one of the most acclaimed and recognized pastry chefs. When Gale was 10 years old, she started making jewelry, which she continued to do throughout high school. But when she couldn't take any more classes, she sought knowledge outside of school. It is this drive that has gotten her to where she is now. After high school, Gale went to art school to continue silver and goldsmithing, but after three she didn't like it anymore. She realized, however, that what she did love was her waitressing job after school. One day the line cook was gone and she was asked to fill in. Despite that Gale had no experience, she jumped at the chance. She loved it; cooking gave her a sense of calm and comfort that she had never experienced before with a job. After that she left school to take pastry classes in France and work at a number of bakeries and restaurants. Later, Gale moved to New York City where she worked at The Gotham Bar & Grill and received three stars for her desserts by The New York Times. In 1993 Gale returned to her hometown of Chicago, Ill., and worked at the four-star Charlie Trotter's restaurant. In 1999 Gale opened TRU restaurant in Chicago. Gale has received the Outstanding Pastry Chef award from The James Beard Foundation and has hosted Sweet Dreams, the first all-dessert show on the Food Network. She has also appeared on Oprah, Iron Chef America, and Baking With Julia (Child).

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