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“Start with something. You don't have to have a refined goal; just get out there, start, and see where it takes you.”


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Accomplishing Goals


  • Originally majored in chemical engineering, but says his technical side wasn't very "robust," and he failed out after one year.
  • Instead, he graduated from college with a degree in finance, but he didn't have a passion for the field.
  • While working as a valet, his sister gave him a pamphlet for design school, a path he'd never considered.
  • He'd always been a creative person, so he decided to go for it; enrolled in a design school.
  • As he was going through school, the popularity of the Web was just starting to take off.
  • He developed a website that centered on industrial design.
  • That site has since evolved into and; it's become his life's work.
  • Says that once you start diving into your interests, you'll encounter like-minded people and you'll start to see tons of new possibilities open up.

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