Erez's Open Road

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“Do what you believe in-if you're not happy, don't do it.”


Design Engineering


Determination Chance Doubt Pressure


Upholding a Cause and Belief


  • Grew up in Israel and spent five years in the army after he finished high school.
  • After finishing his time in the military, he traveled around South America for a year.
  • When he came back, he knew he'd have to enroll in college; picked architecture solely because the course started last, letting him travel more.
  • Says he second-guesses himself everyday: "should I stay here [in America] or should I go back home?"
  • What keeps him in the U.S. is his great love for his job.
  • Says his job is fun because he gets to "make statements" with his buildings.
  • If he can accomplish 30% of all of the goals and dreams he has in his head, he'll consider himself successful.
  • Says if you have a passion, you might have to be okay with "not having the new iPhone," not being financially set, but you'll be happy.

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