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Duration: 7:07

Themes Discussed:

Confidence Determination Education Exploration Family Inspiration Money & Financial Security Opportunity Passion Planning Self-Reflection Struggle Support & Encouragement Talent Transitions

Tags: 9 to 5, academics, ads, African-American, african american boy, apply, art school, artist, artists, aware, balance, balancing, be your own boss, better, blockers, brain, breathe it, brick wall, broke, burdened, business, Cedar Town, celebrities. freelance illustration, celebrities. freelance illustrations, cheesy, children's book, classic icon, client, clients, close knit circle, close to you, college, college degrees, college student, comics, commercial, compensated, compromise, concentrate, concepts, confidence, corporate, create, creating, creative soul, critique, current, day to day basis, dictate, different light, disagreement, do right, do whats best, doable, dreams, drive, education, environment, fall, fame, family, fashion, financially, fine art, fortune, fresh, fulfillment, full time job, gallery, genuine, go for it, goals, good enough, grades, graphic design, graphic designer, grocery store, hair magazines, happy, hard, hate, high school, hundreds of artists, illustrating, illustrator, important, improved, issues, Kelly Rowland, lacked, leave, limited, living, look within, lottery ticket designer, love, lover, magazines, make a living, mall, Maryland Institute College of Art, models, modern times, moments, money, more talented, motives, music artists, music videos, needs, negativity, newlywed, now, obstacles, opinions, opportunities, out weigh, outside forces, overtime, paint, painting, paintings, parents, passion, passionate, performing art school, personal brand, personal time, personalities plateau, photography, photos, photoshop, please, positive comments, print making, problem, professionally, public eye, purpose, push, put to bed, question, recognition, related, respect, role, Rosie the Riveter, sacrifice, scarifies, serious, set, slack, slavery. oil paintings, starving artist, step away, strangers, struggle, success, support, talent, think, throwing away, time, toddler, transfer, trigger, up the learning tree, utilize, visions, visual, Walmart, wander, work, writing, wrong, yourself

Derek Blanks


Atlanta, GA

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