Delfina's Open Road


    Team T.B.D.


    Menlo Park, CA


    Public Television: Season 10

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Director of Data Center Operations

“When I get a little voice that says ‘I’m not sure how to do that,’ that’s when I try to lean in the most. That’s when I’m going to learn the most, that’s when something is going to change.”




Determination Education Hard Work Passion Fear Opportunity Planning Pressure Culture




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Delfina Eberly was searching for something. She wasn’t finding it in the world she knew. Growing up in a first-generation Mexican family, her father worked as a day laborer—and she wanted something different, something she could connect to. Then she stumbled across technology. The pace and rate of change captured her imagination, and her willingness to lean in and figure it out when she didn’t know how to do something has taken her far. All the way to the top of Facebook, in fact, where she’s in charge of the team that installs and maintains the website’s servers and networks. And for a site that gets 500 million visitors per day, that’s quite a job. On rare occasions, Delfina looks around the room and realizes she’s the only woman, but she doesn’t dwell on that too much, because she’s also the boss, and the fact that she can hold her own with all of these programmers is pretty cool. You could even say she thrives on this kind of challenge, and that’s what got her here. Critical to her journey: embracing those moments when she feels fear or trepidation, because those are the times when there is an opportunity for growth. Those moments open up new possibilities, so she seeks them out and makes sure she gets all she can from them. “Do not wait for someone to hand it to you,” she says. “Go get it.”

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