David's Open Road


Bacchus Caves

“I mean, right now, you guys have got nothing to lose.”


Design Engineering


Determination Chance Hard Work Risk Choices Struggle


Building Things


  • Grew up around heavy civil mining and tunneling for railroads and highways.
  • Went to Colorado State and majored in construction management.
  • Worked at major engineering firm Kiewit for some time; "could've stayed with them for life," but didn't feel challenged or engaged.
  • A co-worker brought him out to Napa Valley to do some tunneling; he'd never heard of Napa Valley, didn't drink wine.
  • Found a contractor struggling to build a cave and helped him out-"it's been going since then."
  • He and his wife said, "Let's just do it," started Bacchus Caves without any sort of business plan; lived off credit cards for eight months.
  • Says every cave he builds is simultaneously a fun challenge and a work of art.
  • Considers his career a "right-place, right-time" kind of thing, so urges roadtrippers not to stress too much about any one decision.

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