David's Open Road


Godfather of Skate
California Outdoor Roller Association

“You've got to get up every morning and love to do what you do. You've gotta love it.”


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Being Physically Active


  • Thought he had life planned out: he'd enter the army, join a union once he was released, make a career as a bricklayer.
  • One day, while laying brick, an earthquake destroyed his work and a snapped crane nearly killed him.
  • He said, "I am out of here," had been developing a passion for skating and decided to focus on that.
  • Started the Golden Gate Skate Patrol, a group of CPR-, first-aid-certified skaters that patrolled the park, offered help to anyone who needed it.
  • Shifted into the realm of activism when the city attempted to ban skating in the park; decided he could work with them as a skating advocate.
  • Came to be known as the "Godfather of Skate."
  • Says you fall when you don't put yourself out there with confidence-if you know you can bail out at anytime, you'll probably bail out.
  • Calls skating his "church," uses it as an outlet through which he can express all of his attitudes and emotions.

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