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Senior Editor
Rolling Stone Magazine

“I wanted do to something else, and music had all of the things in it that I really wanted to be a part of.”


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A teenager when the Beatles were releasing their classics, David felt part of an extraordinary era of music and culture. Inspired by the spirit of the times—which rock music captured so vividly—he sought alternatives to the conventional, middle-class world he had known. As an English major in college, he led a dual life: during the day he attended classes, and at night, driven by his passion for music, he hosted a radio show. Undeterred by his lack of job prospects after graduating, he worked as a stock boy at an Army Navy Store to get by and wrote music reviews for a local, free newspaper on the side. A self-taught critic who learned as he went along, David soon wrote for anyone who would publish his reviews. One of his prized possessions was the first check he received for writing, a total of $5.00. Despite rejection from some publishers, he persevered, empowered by his belief that he was on the right course. Emphasizing that he's not done yet, he says, "I had experiences that I never would've imagined when I was working at the radio station, or writing my little reviews for the school newspaper." Dave continues to be amazed by how many of the things he once dreamed about actually came true.

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