David's Open Road


    Costa Mesa, CA


    Live: Season 1


Director of Education
Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific

“Find the thing that you love doing, and then find a job that helps you to do those things. No one likes to work, so don't work-do something that you love.”


Environment & Nature Science


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Communicating / Sharing Stories


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  • When he was little, he watched a Jacques Cousteau documentary; asked his dad, "what does that guy do?"
  • Knew he wanted to be a marine biologist, worked hard to get into the University of California, Santa Cruz, an excellent school for the field.
  • Was intimidated once he realized that a huge number of people also wanted to be marine biologists.
  • Every time he and his friends would explore the forests around Santa Cruz, he'd be educating his friends on plants and animals.
  • Wasn't counseled on how to convert his degree into a career; always knew what he wanted to do, but had to find a specific path on his own.
  • Realized he liked talking to people and teaching people about something they knew nothing about.
  • Works as the director of education at the Aquarium of the Pacific, where he gets to "convey the wonder of the ocean" to other people.
  • Loves that his job allows him to explore; he views the ocean as his own personal "frontier."

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