Darius' Open Road


Truck Driver

“My biggest thing is not being afraid of the consequences. That's why so many people stay where they are-everybody's so scared.”


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Accomplishing Goals


  • Says his truck-driving "job" is actually more of a lifestyle; he doesn't just put in 8 hours and go home.
  • Went to school for three-and-a-half years, double-majored in computer science and Spanish.
  • When he was looking at careers, he realized that none of them actually appealed to him.
  • For example, he loved studying Spanish, but didn't want to teach or translate legal documents-couldn't "fathom" doing either.
  • Realized that maybe a 9-to-5 just wasn't for him; knew he loved to travel.
  • His family was "disappointed" when he dropped out of college to drive trucks, but ultimately said "do what makes you happy."
  • Has no regrets; says he's found something that he truly loves to do.
  • Says far too many people work jobs just for the money, stay in positions where, if they won the lottery, they'd immediately quit.

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