Daniela's Open Road


ESL Coordinator
Nationalities Services Center

“What I think is reasonable or obvious is not that reasonable or obvious.”


Education Non-Profit Organizations


Choices Community Culture Dedication Experience Fulfillment Instincts Perseverance Self-Reflection Struggle Transitions Values


argentine tango, Chile, dance, disappointment, diversity, fate, how people interact, Instinct, listening, making friends, making money, network, networking, predestined roads, speaking English, sympathy, taking up an activity, teaching, travel, vacation


After growing up and attending college in Chile, Daniela Romero moved to the United States in order to find better career opportunities. While she enjoyed teaching English in Chile, she did not find it motivating to work with students who were corporate executives. Despite struggling to truly understand English and make friends and transition to the culture in the states, Daniela remained strong and eventually found work as an adjunct professor of Spanish at the university level. However, she did not feel like she was making enough of an impact in her work, and eventually found a position as the English Second Language Coordinator of the Nationalities Services Center. She now gets to teach other immigrants with who she has a strong connection with, and every day gets to remember that people are much more alike than we are different.

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