Craig's Open Road



“If that's what you really want [to do], you gotta see it before anyone elseā€¦ so on your way to it you don't get afraid of it.”


Acting & Theatre Television


Fear Negativity Desire Individualism Risk Regrets Failure Perseverance


Being Creative


  • His father told him his dreams were just "pie in the sky."
  • When he originally moved to Los Angeles, he was scared to tell his parents, couldn't get it through their heads.
  • Says he loves the Whittier quote, "Of all the sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest of all is 'it might have been.'"
  • Says you can't let anyone hold you back; if you want to do something, go do it.
  • Got a degree and a master's degree and started teaching.
  • Knew he was just killing time, making money so he could pursue his dream of doing comedy.
  • Once he started on comedy, he was hooked; looked for somewhere to perform every night, just to get on stage, to get his voice out there.

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