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“Are you perfectly clear on the fact that you will fail? I mean, it's going to happen. The only way you're going to get good is if you fail. So get to failing, get that process going.”


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Craig looks back on a series of victories and defeats fueled by his lifelong passion for film. Selected memories come to mind: Watching movies with his father when he was a young boy, seeing The Breakfast Club and realizing how powerful writing could be; making films with his family, shooting with digital video for the first time after his father urged him to try it. Despite setbacks and self-doubts, "he wondered whether he had what it took to succeed." Craig persevered. His first film, The Poor and Hungry, while not a hit, generated interest in his script Hustle and Flow, which received rave reviews after it was finally produced. Craig's personal back-story provides additional insights. His father did not live to see the film or to celebrate his son's success, but Craig remains indebted to him for all he has done. As Craig explains, "I tell people that the last great gift my father gave me was his passing. So when my Dad knew that I had taken a real serious blow with this first movie that went nowhere, that was his last gift, to say, 'Welcome to the real world. This is not a world where things always go your way. You could either keep going or not.'" Because Craig did keep going, he no longer has to worry that as an old man he'll say to himself, "I didn't try…I could have tried, and I didn't."

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