Cliff's Open Road


Antone's Blues Club

“If it's a burning desire, and you can't think of nothing else, you might have a chance. It's got to be such a desire.”


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Cliff Antone, the owner and founder of Antone's Blues Club, and Antone's Records, grew up on the border of Texas and Louisiana, where blues highly impacted his life. In his early twenties, Cliff and his friends started Antone's Blues Club, a sort of haven for the art of blues. People were so encouraging, that they donated expensive supplies and services to support the club's success. Seeing this, big-time blues musicians such as the Great Muddy Waters and Albert King, took them in, impressed with Cliff's efforts. Despite Cliff's accomplishments, he is pragmatic in offering advice to kids with dreams.

Producer’s Note: In March of 2006, Cliff passed away at age 56. The legendary mover and shaker is remembered for his generous nurturing of musical talent, and will be greatly missed.

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