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Duration: 6:44

Themes Discussed:

Choices Community Education Failure Family Fear Goals Opportunity Passion Success Transitions

Tags: algebra, art, assault, at risk, basic math, bored, buffet, butterflies, Cancun, career, catholic school, CEO, ceremony, change, choice, chore, classroom, college, dangerous, drugs, education, exposure, fail, fear, fighting, freedom, generation, graduation, grim, inner city, John Paul Jones Middle School, jump, learning, Memphis Street Academy Charter School, Mexico, middle school, mom, opportunities, opportunity, options, Philadelphia, present, principal, public school system, rebel, sacrifice, school, schools, serious incidents, sexual offenses, sneakers, student, student teaching experience, students, suburban schools, successful, summer program, survival, task, teacher, teaching, tears, times table, tough, trains, turning point, urban schools, violence, weapons, work

Christine Borelli

Memphis Street Academy Charter School
Philadelphia, PA

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