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Duration: 4:28

Themes Discussed:

Acceptance Character Choices Community Confidence Conflict Dedication Determination Education Experience Exploration Failure Family Fear Focus Fulfillment Goals Inspiration Instincts Money & Financial Security Passion Perseverance Pressure Regrets Risk Self-Reflection Struggle Success Support & Encouragement Transitions Values

Tags: abstractly, adjusting, adventure tourism, adventure travel industry, Africa, al gore, Alaska, an inconvenient truth, attitude, Australia, balance, bike ride, billy collins, camp, career, changing your story, city, college, communication, compromise, confrontation, confronting problems, consultant, consulting, contrast, Cornell University, corporate job, create space, creating space, creative, creative outlets, creativity, developing countries, divorce, doing what you love, dreams, economic development, economic engine, energized, enjoy what you're doing, everyone has a gift, evolution, evolving, exercise, expectations, external approval, feeling bad, foundation, freedom, fun, grad school, grand canyon, growing, gym, high school, ideas, insecurity, inspiration, Instinct, jobs, journalism, joy, joyful, living a different role, love is blind, management consulting, marriage, masters degree, money, nervous, news, not knowing, odd jobs, opposing views, options, parents, party, play, pleasing others, poetry, poisonous habit, popularity, pride, public relations firm, push yourself, questioning the foundation, radio, reflection, relationship, river guide, routine, rowing, sacrifice, safety, safety zone, seeking approval, self pity, sidewalks, space, structure, sustainable adventure tourism, travel, tv, unhappy, waiting tables, waitress, washington dc, write it down

Christina Heyniger

Xola Consulting/Action Sports Consulting
Santa Fe, NM

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