Christian's Open Road


Co-Creator, Director & Writer/Lead Singer
Yo Gabba Gabba!/The Aquabats

“You've got to put yourself in those sink or swim situations...Make things tough on yourself so that you're stronger.”


Music Television


Character Choices Dedication Experience Family Fear Individualism Opportunity Passion Perseverance Success Struggle Confidence Chance Hard Work


acting, alpha male, child actor, childhood, collaborate, distractions, do it all, do it yourself, hesitation, imagination, milestones, motivation, music, playing, positive attitude, positivity, responsibility, small victories, toys, working with people


Christian Jacobs writes, produces, and directs Yo Gabba Gabba, a series on Nikelodeon that mixes live-action segments, short animated sketches, and musical numbers for kids. The costumes on the show give the appearance of the characters being cartoons or toys. Christian's background as a child actor, an extra-curricular that left him without much time to hang out with other kids, fostered his passion for toys. As Christian grew-up, he decided he did not want to be an actor, and turned his ambitions towards music with his band, The Aquabats, a group notorious for their cartoonish costumes and larger than life persona.

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