Christen's Open Road

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Busy Beaver Button Co.

“I don't know if there's one right thing for everybody. There's a lot of right things.”


Design Entrepreneurship


Opportunity Support & Encouragement


Being Creative


  • Used to fantasize about designing the toys inside of the Cracker Jack boxes.
  • While in London, she saw people wearing buttons everywhere.
  • Realized that she could bring the trend back to the States, had a friend teach her how to make them.
  • Had support from friends in the band Guided by Voices, said they'd be her first customers.
  • Armed with the idea and the promised customers, it all came together and she knew she had to go for it.
  • Says that, of course, a lot of people were skeptical of her business, but it made her want to do well.
  • Doesn't believe in the idea of "one right thing for everybody," thinks we could all succeed at a variety of things.

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