Christen's Open Road

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Busy Beaver Button Co.

“I don't know if there's one right thing for everybody. There's a lot of right things.”


Design Entrepreneurship


Opportunity Support & Encouragement


buttons, idea


Christen Carter once fantasized about designing the gifts inside Cracker Jack boxes. Later, after graduating from college and moving to London, she held another dream to design something else that she thought no one else was doing--buttons. Encouraged by a friend who made buttons, she learned the trade. Buttons soon captured her imagination; and she had discovered a creative outlet that could be lucrative as well. With commissions from bands such as Guided by Voices, and the support of some friends, she started her own button-making company, Busy Beaver Button Co., back in the U.S. in 1995. Although she received some skepticism by people in her life, she didn't let their questioning get to her. Years later, with her business still thriving, she's glad she took the rise, overcame others' doubts, and started her own business.

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