Chris' Open Road


Blue Man Group

“I think achievement is way overrated. I really do. It's not a source of happiness.”


Acting & Theatre Music


Passion Fulfillment Success Individualism Money & Financial Security Pressure Negativity Fear Struggle


achievement, beginning, blue man group, clarity, creativity, discouragement, drumming, drums, follow your bliss, going through the motions, happiness, late bloomer, learning, liberal arts, logic, money, noise, paradox, performances, prep school


Chris Wink, like a lot of students, didn't know where his life was headed, but had a variety of interests and loved to learn. Realizing, however, that learning wasn't a career to sustain life, he started feeling the undeniable pressure to make money. Unfortunately, Chris didn't receive much encouragement to follow what he calls the 'bliss path'. Chris was faced with this challenge to either choose a career that would make him money, also making him unhappy, or to go down the bliss path. With very little, he started the Blue Man Group with his two other friends. This life wasn't about the awards, the fame, or the achievements, but the day-to-day process of preparing for a show and doing what he loves to do with his friends, walking down his 'bliss path.'

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