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“Don't be afraid to daydream...those dreams can come true.”


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  • Thought she'd have to choose one career and it'd define who she was: "I am a schoolteacher."
  • Says don't be too worried about your first career choice; that first job might just be preparing you for something else down the line.
  • Her dad opened the first McDonald's in her hometown; she gave an interview at the grand opening.
  • Her interview was so engaging, the host let her interview more people; radio station ended up hiring her as a broadcaster.
  • Moved to Chicago for radio show; was goofing around at a party when a friend told her to audition at Second City: "I always say yes."
  • She "bombed" that audition, but she started taking improv classes and fell in love with it.
  • Ended up literally "writing the book" on improv, becoming somewhat of an improvisational "guru."
  • Says that people are too often focused on the money, or the "end goal"; if you want to do anything, you have to focus on the "now."

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