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“Your hustle will get you ahead, and your humility is what will have people rooting for you to get ahead.”


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Helping People


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  • In high school, he had an English teacher and wrestling coach, Mr. Buxton, that he really looked up to.
  • Realized that if he could get kids to look up to him the way he looked up to Mr. Buxton, he would have given his share back to the world.
  • He taught in the Bronx for five years, where he and his colleagues were forced to spend their own money on basic supplies for students.
  • Knew that people would be more willing to help teachers if they could see exactly where their money was going.
  • For the majority of donors on the site, this is their first encounter with the lack of funding going to public schools in low-income community.
  • As a result, the site not only gives funding to classroom projects, but it also motivates donors to vote for education reform.
  • He aspires to two qualities: hustle and humility.
  • "Hustle" captures the shameless pursuit of getting people onboard with your idea; "humility" is what gets people to root for you.

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