Celine's Open Road


Documentary Filmmaker
Ocean Futures Society

“I set out to do one thing and then life happens, and you kind of go on these different paths.”


Environment & Nature Film


Acceptance Chance Character Choices Confidence Courage Experience Focus Goals Honesty Individualism Inspiration Opportunity Passion Planning Pressure Risk Self-Reflection Transitions Exploration Money & Financial Security Societal Pressures Beliefs & Faith Education


accepting yourself, art, conventional, critical, family, feminism, in between, independence, italy, justification, meantime, multiple interests, psychology, questioning, questioning yourself, self discovery, strength, travel, trust, women


After graduating from college, Celine Cousteau thought she would have a career in psychology. She worked in a psychiatric hospital and an art gallery on the weekends, but after a while she found her aspirations had changed. So, she decided to travel to Italy to study jewelry making. Later, she combined her love for travel and filmmaking by producing a documentary for the Discovery Channel. She has also been featured in the PBS series Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures.

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