Cecil's Open Road


Glide Memorial Church

“My bottom line to me is that love means living dangerously. And to live dangerously means to risk all that you have.”


Philosophy & Religion


Chance Courage Culture Desire Fulfillment Individualism Risk Struggle Values Community


Berkeley, church, empower, empowerment, helping others, life after death, living, living dangerously, lose something, loss, love, Methodist church, poor, poverty, religion, school, segregation, Southern Methodist University, theology


Cecil Williams, minister of the Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco, Calif., focuses his theology on helping others. Cecil knew first-hand what it was like to be a minority when he attended college as one of the first African-Americans admitted to Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. After obtaining his degree in theology, Cecil was assigned to work at a church in Hobbs, N.M. After practicing in New Mexico for a year, Cecil realized that the Methodist Church had sent him there to create a segregated church. From there, Cecil went to the University of California, Berkeley for two years and was then assigned a church in Kansas City. He noticed that, especially in his area and there was a mixture of poor black and white people. From there, Cecil has made it his life's passion to preach his religion to all types of people, especially those in need.

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